Santa Fe

Well, we made it to Santa Fe today. Mom is cooking some rib-eyes – convinced me we needed to improve ventilation in the rollin’ luv-shack.

No I Dont!

So when mom asked what time did we load out Monday… I said 3, you wanna put it in the blog?
She said “No I Don’t”. Well I guess that’s the way it goes.
Today, I learned it was Wednesday. Whoa, I guess I missed one this week, and it’s only the third day.

We’re all knackered ready for bed.


This is what it looks like out our front door today!

Aphid Attack

Here are images of my current cucumber pest issue. If I’m correct these are thrips, with a few aphids thrown in.  (Correction – Aphids with a few thrips thrown in.)

Here are images of the leaves.

Welcome to

The Esquibb Group works to benefit both people and planet.

Our goal is active development of products that use natural resources beneficially for both planet and the six or so billion people who live here.

We actively develop a wide range of technology, from simple combustion techniques, to quantum devices that operate beyond textbook physics. Our mission is to develop and deploy advanced technology that supports sustainable living.

We are self funded. Our products vary from simple to very advanced. Proceeds from our basic products, like forestry products, fund advanced research and development activity in our network.

We understand both technology and market development. Our team has a long history of product development in a wide range of markets. We believe strongly that technology incubation is a critical responsiblity for the planet and the people who live here.

Our people and products help the planet.