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When I thought what to publish – the list went on and on.  If you’d like me to visit a topic – then put it in a comment below.

Comments help us sort out what’s most important.  Here is the current list:

  • What’s is this site for?
  • Earthship or what?
  • The art of being a $50 sq/ft spinster
  • How find tool deals on CraigsList .
  • What matters most – Economy guided home design – How I did it.
  • Wringing cost out the building budget – big things first.


    • John Weeber on May 18, 2013 at 3:06 pm
    • Reply

    Zoning and permitting issues.

    1. Hi John:
      Yes – Earthship style dwellings have a number of special considerations. I realized this from the outset. I’ve already had a preliminary meeting with Larimer county relating to egress. Also, I recruited a structural engineer to supervise my design process. Basically he has to approve the design – and then the county will accept it.
      I’ve informally met with the health department – and they invited me to submit my plans for the septic system. My current leach field is rated for 2 bedrooms and I would like to go to 4. When I explained the interior recycling, and pre-processing, the inspector said: “That’s really interesting.”
      I think I have a good start – but far to go.

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