Yobit Token Theft

Yobit is a crytpocurrency exchange. They have recently begun a marketing campaign to mint coins. They have effectively stolen over 8 million coins from my account.

I have repeatedly contacted them with no meaningful response from support.

  • DGB (and all other) wallets in maintenance mode
  • DGB purchase creates a new wallet
  • The new wallet 100% functional. Transfer off yobit.io works proving that DGB wallet code is functional
  • Cannot transfer between old and new DBG wallet – the old wallet is disabled and coins are inaccessible (stolen)
  • DBG in old wallet remains inaccessible – likely stolen
Video showing Yobit steals altcoins.

Screenshot showing REPEATED attempts to get support.

This video illustrates:

  1. All altcoin wallets in maintenance mode
  2. Proof that “Maintenance Mode is a scam”
  3. NO Response to Tickets – 4 months


Proof of Scam:

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