Hottub Troubleshooting Guide

There are two reasons for low salt. Use the “Options” to check the salinity. If the salinity says low – the tub either needs salt or the cartridge unit is failing.

Add 1/3 cup of salt. This should meaningfully increase the conductivity. If it doesn’t then it means the cartridge is failing. Replace the cartridge and see if the salinity is different than from the old cartridge. If the salinity didn’t change, put the old cartridge back in – it’s still good.

Whenever you add water you will need to put in a Vanishing-Act ball for about 24 hours. This absorbs calcium which preserves the cartridge.

There are 2 partially used Vanishing Act balls in the hottub box. Just drop them in and leave them for 24H.

Issue Solution Qty & Notes
cloudybright & clear1 Tbsp + clean filters @ 2h
frothypH down1 Tbsp
greenpH down1Tbsp
stinkychlorine shock1 Tbsp
Red Flash lightPower Wash FiltersUntil Clean
low wateradd water & Vanish actabove lights
floatersscreen meshuntil clean

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