Jun 15

Bunnies at camp

The boys are getting to know their new baby bunnies born just before evacuation.

Jun 14

Back 2 being boys

Dak vs Vin – a race with a friend makes all better

Jun 14

Quick view of evacuees

There are many of us. The Sherriff said 40% more every day.
We are lucky to know about our home – we can start moving on.
Met with the insurance adjuster today. None of these folks officially know about their homes.

Jun 12

Home Free

Today… Looking 4 new digs. Davis ranch road was impassable last night.

It’s likely to be a long time until we go home. Or if our old house, in scorched earth, can be home again.

Jun 11

Exhausted Fire Chief

I think it’s important to show how the human side of the fire. Bob has been our fire chief for many years.
His compassion and exhaustion say it all. Some nice things to say about our local officials too:

Our sheriff turned down high profile interview, like Nightline, to stay onsite in the community. Also, the real sense is that the folks originally here truly understood the nature of public service.

The governor, Hickenlooper, also answered a question in a way that earned my respect. When asked about a state fire ban – he said that these issues were delegated to “local” authorities.

I’m pleased to see an elected official that honors the way government is supposed to work – from the people up, not the other way around. It’s rare to see a politician that risk political capital to honor the proper character of government.

Jun 11

Doesn’t look good

Rest canyon fire chief – not good news

Jun 11

Feel the heat

We can feel the fire’s heat from town!

Jun 10

Closeup Fire View

The view from the rock outcrop looking over Buckhorn Mountain. Shows the roiling smoke under in the sun – and hear the wind.

May 27

Colorado at last

The boys are back

May 16

Tanner says whaahahha

Tanner says whwwhahaa – just swinging.

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