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RERA should be restricted within the easement

The CCIOA Act defines “Common Elements” as real estate explicitly owned or leased by an association. [Case law later expanded this definition to include any property which is commonly used within a community.] “Common elements” means:(a) in a condominium or cooperative, all portions of the condominium or cooperative other than the units; and(b) in a …

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RERA Declaration Analysis

This presentation explores the potential legal effects of signing the Declaration document distributed by the RERA. I’m not an attorney – but if you have doubts use these talking points with your attorney before you decide to sign the declaration. Covenant Declaration Document

Just Say No!

This presentation addresses the Redstone Estates Road Association initiative to adopt CCIOA and declare submission of property rights to RERA. Inappropriate Language of Declaration: 1. Submission of Property. The property within the Association will be held, sold, conveyed, transferred, leased, subleased, and occupied subject to the following covenants, conditions, restrictions, and easements which will run …

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