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Jul 30

Swingin’ in the Rain !

Over the past couple of weeks – we’ve got awesome progress. This video segment shows extreme Technologies – Watch a 7 year old swing a sledge hammer while a 27 year old resorts to power tools. Both are AWESOME ! Many thanks to the volunteers for helping us turn a pile of tires and dirt more »

Jun 18

The 5 Minute Tire

This video shows us packing out our very first tire in about 5 minutes with a pneumatic backfill tamper: It is fast as you can shovel dirt; Not as tiring as the sledge hammer method. Sides were a little softer than hand pounding. Two sledge laps pound the tire to totally firm – about 20 more »

May 20

Get organized or …

It’s a simple choice – get project organization system or book  a room at Happy Dale’s sanitarium. It’s 4:00 a.m. – and after glancing briefly at the liquor cabinet – I thought – I’ve got way too much rambling around my head. Yesterday ended with a review of facebook messages and wonderful volunteers – and more »

May 19

Knocking $27K off my roof

Wanna see how I hope to knock $27K off my Earthship’s roof? Regular Earthships use 2 layers of 4 inch Poly Iso Insulation, tongue and groove decking and metal roofing.  This method costs well over $8 per square foot in materials. If my experiment works – this straw bale roof will perform about as well more »

May 18

3D Model – Goes to work

Who would have thought a 3D model could save money? I’ve noticed the model is helping me to: Catch mistakes Calculate Materials Communicate with the team about design issues. I’m starting to think it may have been well worth the effort. This video illustraties how I think the evolving model will help to communicate the more »

May 10

Rebuild Logic

Looking at the raw family budget started us on a road where we’re making a LOT of different kinds of decisions – even departing from the traditional way of thinking about Earthships. Here’s the origin of the story of why our decisions & designs look may look strange…

May 10

Our Manatee Visitor

We’re in Key Largo FL – and we had a BIG manatee come to hang out with us.   She hung around for about an hour and seemed to enjoy or dinky little boat – or perhaps our family energy.  It was great! Your browser does not support the video tag. Video not working? The-KeyLargo-Manatee-v1 more »

Feb 25

Excitement Aloft


Hunter learning jewelry making

Sun and Fun – Lapidary class with Bob Barnes


Jul 09

The Nerf War – Chapter 1

Hunter decided he needed a nerf war – just like he and his friends used to do.  He called Toys-R-Us and talked to the manager – who promptly offered re-arm the neighborhood.  Here is the first part of the story… Cannot show video on your browser – please use link below HunterNerfFight  

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