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Santa Fe

Well, we made it to Santa Fe today. Mom is cooking some rib-eyes – convinced me we needed to improve ventilation in the rollin’ luv-shack. Your browser does not support the video tag

No I Dont!

So when mom asked what time did we load out Monday… I said 3, you wanna put it in the blog? She said “No I Don’t”. Well I guess that’s the way it goes. Today, I learned it was Wednesday. Whoa, I guess I missed one this week, and it’s only the third day. We’re …

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This is what it looks like out our front door today!

Aphid Attack

Here are images of my current cucumber pest issue. If I’m correct these are thrips, with a few aphids thrown in.  (Correction – Aphids with a few thrips thrown in.) Here are images of the leaves.