May 20

Get organized or …

Lots going on!

Lots going on!

It’s a simple choice – get project organization system or book  a room at Happy Dale’s sanitarium.

It’s 4:00 a.m. – and after glancing briefly at the liquor cabinet – I thought – I’ve got way too much rambling around my head.

Yesterday ended with a review of facebook messages and wonderful volunteers – and experience made it VERY clear that there was just too much going on… Read the rest of this entry »

May 19

Knocking $27K off my roof

Wanna see how I hope to knock $27K off my Earthship’s roof?

Can you glue straw to anything?

Can you glue straw to anything?

Regular Earthships use 2 layers of 4 inch Poly Iso Insulation, tongue and groove decking and metal roofing.  This method costs well over $8 per square foot in materials.

If my experiment works – this straw bale roof will perform about as well and cost about $3.50.  I built sample to evaluate if the model would sturdy enough to pass engineering muster, FYI – Crown Jade Engineering, really understands advanced building and my quest for economy.

This experiment started with a trip to Home Depot and the old feed store to see if I could bond planks to straw to metal roofing.

May 18

3D Model – Goes to work

Who would have thought a 3D model could save money?

I’ve noticed the model is helping me to:

  1. Catch mistakes
  2. Calculate Materials
  3. Communicate with the team about design issues.

I’m starting to think it may have been well worth the effort. This video illustraties how I think the evolving model will help to communicate the design and issues.

May 10

Rebuild Logic

Looking at the raw family budget started us on a road where we’re making a LOT of different kinds of decisions – even departing from the traditional way of thinking about Earthships.

Here’s the origin of the story of why our decisions & designs look may look strange…

Read the rest of this entry »

May 10

Our Manatee Visitor

We’re in Key Largo FL – and we had a BIG manatee come to hang out with us.   She hung around for about an hour and seemed to enjoy or dinky little boat – or perhaps our family energy.  It was great!

Video not working?


Feb 25

Excitement Aloft


Hunter learning jewelry making

Sun and Fun – Lapidary class with Bob Barnes


Jul 09

The Nerf War – Chapter 1

Hunter decided he needed a nerf war – just like he and his friends used to do.  He called Toys-R-Us and talked to the manager – who promptly offered re-arm the neighborhood.  Here is the first part of the story…



Jul 06

Dads fortune

Dad explains the real truth about fortune cookies.

Jun 16

Broken Yoyo into treasure chest

Tanner transforms a broken yoyo into a place for his lost silver from grandad.

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