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Sep 14

Energy Free Buildings

So what makes a building sustainable? Wikipedia defines Green Building here…  Does this definition make sense to you? I hung on the word efficiency as a cop out.  Efficiency means to limit consumption of external resources – minimize waste. How cool is elimination of the need for external energy altogether?  Think of a house as a free-standing energy system – without … Continue reading Energy Free Buildings

Apr 28

Why is it hard to find cool builds?

Green Jazz In today’s world where everybody is super jazzed about green building you’ve probably noticed something very strange…. Why is it so hard to find a cool project to work on? Where are all those ultra-cool green projects that ought to exist? How come all the projects that claim to be so green are … Continue reading Why is it hard to find cool builds?

Apr 07

The New Solar Scoop 

Just about anyone who installs a solar panel has one simple question – where should I point this darned thing?  That silly sun moves around all the time.   A fixed solar panel works perfectly only when the sun sweeps through the daily horizontal alignment for maybe 10 minutes, and at the season-selected tilt angle […]

Oct 12

Bandsaw 101

Using a portable bandsaw mill looks easy – just put the log in the cradle and cuta away. Well… Not so much. After a mountain of scrap, and probably 20 hours of unnecessary cuts – I eventually dialed in a method of efficiently cutting a log. This tutorial enables a beginner with a bandsaw mill […]

Oct 09

Download the Design Here

Here is the link to download the sketchup model of the house.   Sketchup is a great freeware 3D modeling program formerly owned by google. It is now managed by a group out of Boulder. It’s a great program. When I invested the 2 weeks of long days building the model, I often wondered if […]

Jul 03

Chipcrete Experiment

This experiment is in search of an affordable floor.  At 2000 sq/ft, a 4 inch thick floor is about 25 yards, 3  truckloads of concrete, about $3K in concrete, delivered. A week rental on a concrete sander prices out at about $1000. So – the hard DIY price on a sanded concrete floor is $4k.  Since I have a more »

Jun 25

Chipcrete Floor Experiment

Apr 06

Ultra Crib – Open Source Building

Just populated Ultra Crib open source building site. I listed all the building innovations I could think of there.

Mar 19

3D Model – Sketchup Download

Hi All: I’ve had a lot of requests for our 3D model.  The model is very accurate and has been used as a working reference in every stage of the build so far.  The square footage is about 4500.  The greenhouse is about 900 sq ft, and 16,000 ft cubic foot. Click to download sketchup model more »

Dec 02

A Big Gl ass Wall

Hi All: We’ve been way busy getting to dry in.  All have done a super job.  We have a hard windy day ahead with cold weather on heel.  So pardon the terse.

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